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Why you NEED a Toronto Real estate agent to Help Sell Your Home

Not everyone uses a Toronto real estate agent when it comes time to sell their home. Who hasn’t driven down the street and seen a home with a “For Sale by Owner” sign posted in the yard? Odds are we all have, but you must admit that this is more the exception than the rule. And there’s a pretty good reason why most people decide not to go out on their own when it comes to selling their home: a reliable real estate agent can facilitate the process more efficiently and often get you a higher price for your home.

Money is one of the biggest reasons why some people are tempted to try and sell their own home. Many Toronto homeowners get so focused on keeping every penny of profit off the sale of their home that they forget about all the benefits to be had by hiring a professional real estate agent. Of course some people are less concerned about the money and more concerned about being in control. Some people just can’t stand relinquishing control and therefore decide that they (with no formal training) can handle the sale of their home better than a real estate professional.

-You don’t know what you don’t know – the reality is that while selling a home may seem easy, the truth is there are many nuances involved in the process that can leave a novice frustrated, and worse, with a home that never sells.

-Negotiation skills – if you don’t negotiate on a regular basis you may find that you are out of your league when it comes to setting up the most favorable terms with regards to the sale of your property. Hiring a real estate agent with stellar negotiation skills can often get you more money on the, which could offset any fees you pay to the real estate agent.

-Marketing – a real estate agent has access to systems that can let other real estate agents know that your home is for sale. The Multiple Listing System (MLS) is used by all real estate agents and can help you sell your home in record time by increasing the visibility thereby providing a larger pool of buyers.

While it is up to you on whether or not you go with a real estate agent when selling your home, be advised: the benefits to your peace of mind and pockets will outweigh any extra costs you incur. Keep in mind that any expert in any field is going to be able to do a better job than someone who is not, this holds true in the real estate industry as well.


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