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Adding Flash to Your Website Design

The designs of websites in Toronto have definitely evolved over the last few years. During the earliest years of the internet, simple websites already gathered many visitors, and at that time, these websites were already able to say a lot. Since websites depend highly on visual stimulation to attract visitors and readers, you'll need to ensure that your website is aesthetically pleasing.

Websites have become more dynamic than ever before. Addition of colors and visual designs seemed to be insufficient, so animations, sounds, and videos were integrated. Today, viewing a website design encompasses that of static vision. Websites now include sound and moving elements that make them more interactive and more enticing to visit. In this manner, the message that the website wants to convey can easily be received by the visitor.

Adobe Systems developed a web design element that is said to have revolutionized the way websites are created. In 1996, Flash was introduced to the web scene, and websites were never the same again. Even you, as a webmaster, can integrate Flash into your websites, and make them more interesting for your potential visitors.

Creating Flash elements in a website requires specific software types. Macromedia Flash is a popular name, and according to many novices, an easy-to-use program. It works like Microsoft Powerpoint, only you have the ability to control the movements and styles of the items you place on your page. There is even a control for the time and speed of the animation.

For your website, you can use Flash to make your message more audible to your visitors. A conventional title banner at the top of the page can be created using Flash, so that the links below it can be animated. For example, if your site has links for home, contacts, history, Flash can create drop-down menus under each link. Whenever a visitor does a mouse-over on the link, the drop-down menu shows other pages that are connected to it.

You can also use Flash to animate buttons on your page. Aside from using ordinary text links, you can present your links as different-shaped buttons. When a visitor clicks on that button, the animation makes it appear that the button is actually being pressed.

Ordinary HTML codes make text moved by scrolling marquee or blinking. With flash you can create various movements for your text. You can even create a pathway which your text will follow. You can even show the transition from one font style to another using the morph animation.

More advanced Toronto web masters add Flash movies and Flash games on their websites. These elements can only be played on a browser using special flash players. Flash games are an interactive way to interest your visitors. Flash movies help you present your content in a more creative manner.

There are other many techniques you can do with Flash to improve your Toronto website design. You can search the internet for additional tutorials on using Macromedia Flash. With a little help and a little resourcefulness, your website will become a more dynamic outlet of communication for you and your Toronto business.


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