What Is Lightbox And Does It Affect SEO? Some Quick Answers

Originally a WordPress plugin that was developed by Lokesh Dhakar,Lightbox is really a Java Script technique used to display images along with other content using modal dialogs in which the image filling up the screen, while the rest of the web page is dimmed.

Lightbox scripts are based mostly on a web browser’s compatibility with Java Script, however, most scripts are easy enough to implement that compatibility has become a non-issue on most websites. Many Lightbox scripts use inconspicuous JavaScript. Browsers that don’t load the script for reasons unknown can load the picture as a separate page load, thus losing the Lightbox effect but nonetheless maintaining the ability to display the picture.

Does Lightbox affect SEO? This is one question that most webmasters have and is one that we will answer as comprehensively as possible in post. Whenever the search engine bots crawl a website, it’s basically trying to figure out what the website is all about. If you’ve been doing SEO for some time, you already know that there several factors are considered when it comes to deciding what a website is all about.

Lightboxes are perfectly acceptable for Search Engine Optimization, although they are generally benign elements that won’t affect your rankings at all, that is, if it doesn’t affect your bounce rate. This is because a mixture of CSS and Javascript is used to manage if the user sees the lightbox and/or the content behind it. Search engines like Google see both, and that is what you would like.

When a website visitor sees a lightbox, two things can happen: Either he or she continues on your website or click on the “back” button of your browser. Just bear in mind that search engines like Google seriously consider what your website visitor does when he or she is on your website. Consider how some website utilizes a persistent overlaying box to prompt customers to participate without fully interfering with their browsing experience.

Even sites like Groupon in which the pages expire rapidly can usually benefit from Search engine optimization. Google knows Groupon is extremely dynamic, and that some of the site’s content expires quicker than other. Their job would be to crawl and deliver that content rapidly. Google is improving, and because of this Groupon receives a lot of traffic from Google. In other words, as long as you always have fresh content on your website and your lightbox doesn’t cause your visitors to click on the back button, you’ll be fine.

Lightboxes won’t affect your Search Engine Optimization as much as the other factors do. However, so as not to interfere with your visitor’s experience, give them a choice to shut the popup. If a user cannot see your content and has to register with your website without seeing the content first, they’ll be frustrated and then leave your site soon, thus giving your site a high bounce rate, which is really bad for ranking your websites.

jQuery Lightbox Tutorial

Lightbox can be very useful when you have a lot of good information and you do not want the user to go to another page. here is a short and quick tutorial on how its done. Hope you enjoy!